Revenue Department has very close interaction with the general public. Every individual has to approach Revenue Offices frequently for various requirements.The Department is under the control of the Revenue Minister. In Secretariat, the department is headed by the Principal Secretary (Revenue Secretary) who is assisted by Additional Secretaries/ Joint Secretaries. The Revenue Department is headed by Land Revenue Commissioner who is assisted by Additional Commissioner and Assistant Commissioners. The State of Kerala consist of 14 districts, 21 Revenue Divisions, 63 Taluks and 1532 Villages(or 1634 including group villages). Each district is headed by a District Collector who is assisted by Deputy Collectors among others. Each revenue division is headed by a Revenue Divisional Officer and assisted by Senior Superintendent among others. Each Taluk is headed by a Tahsildar and Additional Tahsildar who is assisted by Deputy Tahsildar among others. Each Village is headed by a Village Officer who is assisted by Special Village Officer, Village Assistant and Village man.


  1. Issuance of various certificates for general public purposes.
  2. Collection of Basic tax, Plantation tax, Building tax etc.
  3. Effecting Revenue Recovery .
  4. Maintenance and updation of land records.